Quintangled: A Game of Strategy, Chance, and Destiny!

Mike S Strategy

Please visit our friends at Quintangled and help them meet their crowdfunding goal. Here is an overview that they have written:

Quintangled,: A Game of Strategy, Chance, and Destiny!

Quintangled: A Game of Strategy, Chance, and Destiny!

Quintangled is a delightful, entertaining game that offers more at a deeper level:  an opportunity to learn more about yourself and to recognize each day as a quest journey in which each of us has the opportunity to become the hero of our life, surmounting life’s daily challenges.  But playing the game requires no belief in anything other than simply the pursuit of fun and joy as our natural birthright. However, players often tell us they have learned to regard their day and their life in a different way after playing this game.

We have learned through our research that our campaign must be presented to any group at least six times to encourage participation and action. May I ask that each of you offer our link and information six times during the next 30 days — I will send you words, graphics and materials you need to change your message — and as a thank you for doing so, offer each of you who support us one of our truly magnificent dragon t-shirts in black or white or an extra copy of the game — your choice!  I hope you will also consider personally supporting the campaign through purchasing a game as well.

We are crowdfunding this new product as so many large companies do with new products — because the cost of manufacturing our first run is quite expensive and beyond our current financial resources.   Please help us to bring our five years of work to fruition and to bring a really enjoyable and very special game to the world.

Here is the link to our campaign, which includes a short video where you can get a good look at the game: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/2331434/x/7552234?secret_perk_token=ab983e71