Game Night: Weekly Game Nite Party for Competitive Gamers

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Make Your Game Night a Competitive Gamers Get Together.

PRG Games, Sports, Entertainment, Medical Games, Cops Board Games, Christian Board Games, Religious Games, Gambling Board Games, Historical Based Games & more, we can make a custom Game Design and Manufacture your game!

For your next weekly gamenight party, check out some of the games that we have created for our customers below. We have helped many game inventors get their games from game invention to finished game product that is ready to sell to retail stores & merchants like Walmart, Amazon and more.


  • Fossil Find-Domino Based Board GameRemove and Replace Artifacts
  • Lose Artifacts on some spaces and Find Artifacts on other spaces
  • Choose Artifacts from the Grave Site
  • Use Custom Domino Tiles to get a scoring hand
  • Watch out for Grave Robbing and Natural Disaster spaces



  • Cops Corner Board GameBattle and promote through the police ranks to become Chief of Police or Top Cop. Only one player wins the Four Star Gold badge. It could be you! At least until the next time you play Cop’s Corner!
  • The right spin, roll of the dice, card, or position, can elevate you to victory and bragging rights of Top Cop.
  • Collect the coins, make a car stop, or get dispatched a call.
  • Chase the criminal in your vehicle or on foot. Be careful, you don’t want to end up at Internal Affairs!
  • Have a coffee and donut or land on those special details!
  • Hold a crime scene, take someone to jail, or go to court. It’s all there and more!



  • Injury or Illness Board GamePlayers move forward the number of corresponding spaces as their die roll. The player lands on spaces that indicate the action to be taken. Blank spaces (no action), Illness space, draws an illness card, Injury space draws an Injury card.
  • Illness or Injury space allows you to choose either an Injury or Illness card to draw. The Hospital space allows you to eliminate either the Injury or Illness card to the bottom of the corresponding deck.

  • After landing on a space that requires a card draw the player chooses the top card from the appropriate stack and reads the card out loud to the group and performs any actions indicated. Once the player reads the care they will keep or collect that card, unless otherwise stated, and their turn is over. They next player to roll is in the counterclockwise positions, right side, and performs the same process. The spaces are all different sizes and cannot accommodate many board game pieces, which was designed into the game and meant to agitate all players.

  • A player will be eliminated from play or “die” if they collect more than ten cards prior to the finish line. Players that cross the finish line with less than no cards cannot be eliminated.



  • Gamblers Anonymous Board Game

    Experience winning and losing as you work to accumulate as much cash as possible while trying to be the first player to enter gamblers anonymous and collect $2,500.

  • Bet against the bank and opponents to maximize your wealth, but be careful not to gamble away all of your money or you are out!



  • Ten Commandments Board GameThe intent of the game is to bring families together, have fun, and learn. There is a
    list of all the characters that will show where to find them in the bible. Parents… be ready for some questions, have fun, and God Bless!
  • High on Family & Friends bringing them together for fun & learning. NO GAMBLING!
    All winnings of offering for Church or good cause.


MALIBU: GAME OF FAME & FORTUNE ( Game of Fame & Fortune

  • Now YOU Can Own a Piece of MALIBU!
  • If You Like MONOPOLY…
    You’ll Love MALIBU!
  • Also Check Out the companion game Del Mar: Surf Meets The Turf (



  • Genius The Card Game 



    Use History’s Greatest Geniuses To Defeat The Diabolical Dr. M. who is trying to create an evil-Genius Brain to control the world!

  • Genius is a fun and educational game but you don’t need to be a nerd, a geek or a genius to play, but it helps.
  • “Genius” requires strategy for both rolling dice and playing cards. “Genius” is educational and for all ages.

There is even a movie out with the name Game Night starring Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams. The movie is about Games having a Night of Games that leads to adventure and suspense.

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