Monopoly Games for Fundraising

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Monopoly Games for Fundraising! Need help? Board Game Manufacturing can can help streamline your fundraiser efforts! All of our Custom Opoly style games are created for you and are 100% customized to your group or organization!  Don’t settle for cookie cutter fundraising ideas! Jump on our big money maker here! Our quality is unsurpassed in the industry!


How it Works:

Your fundraising group offers the “properties for advertising” to the local businesses in your area at a pre-determined amount. The advertising revenue that is generated from Monopoly Games for fund raising completely covers the total cost of producing the games. You then sell the games for $20-$40 each and generate a huge amount of fundraising dollars! The more valuable properties on the board are usually bought by the bigger companies at a higher premium. Companies love the permanent advertising at such a low cost and are equally happy for the recognition of supporting your groups efforts!  It only takes a few people to offer the advertising which can be completed in 2-3 weeks. You then secure the manufacturing with us at Board Game Manufacturing at which time we will send you our FREE CUSTOM OPOLY DESIGN KIT that consists of all the necessary templates to place the artwork in the various areas of the game using programs such as CorelDraw!, PhotoShop, and Illustrator.




We would suggest offering a broader area such as your suggestion for West Texas as an example, this way there is a larger target audience. We would need to use the same artwork for each run of 500 games, however we would then place REGIONAL merchants on the board, chance cards and box.  Then you could duplicate the program again and target East Texas for example, offering the same opportunity.  Simply, contact us for details. It’s a serious 100% profit with a 100% no risk guarantee. If you don’t sell enough properties to produce the game, then you don’t produce it.


Everyone wants to own a little piece of their town, so be ready to sell out very quickly! Contact us here at to raise serious cash for your fundraising efforts!