Board Game Manufacturing – Market Sales

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Marketing Sales Results

Potential customers come to us (Board Game Manufacturing) regularly wondering if board games and cards games are still doing well in the game market place. The industry is increasingly growing as individuals realize the potential with a minimal investment to have their game manufactured so they can get their game to the market via online sales and merchants that buy games.

Within the past few years, the global board games market and has arrived at global revenue of the market to be approximately $1.5 Billion (U.S.) per year for the game category that includes Tabletop Board Games, Card Games, Role Playing Games (RPGs) and Disc Games. These categories accounted for the revenue share as follows:
• Tabletop Board Games: 60%-65%
• Card Games & Disc Games: 25%-30%
• Role Playing Games (RPG’s): 5%-10%

The market has plenty of room to grow and the chance to succeed with most any game concept, sometimes the more unique, the better. We believe that there will always be a need for games since they encourage personal interaction that only board games

Board Game Manufacturing - Market Sales

Board Game Manufacturing - Market Sales

and card games can provide.

In many situations, at Board Game Manufacturing, we can mass manufacture game quantities as low as a 100 (and less for prototypes from 1, up!) Not only do we have low minimums for production, but we offer a globally superior, quality, Earth friendly product. We offer great artful designs and can also build you a great, responsive website design that will help drive sales where they can order directly on-line!

When you are ready to get your Free Estimate for your game concept, contact us! We are here to help take care of everything from beginning to sale!