Board Game Fundraiser idea

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Need a fundraiser for your group?

Did you know Board Game Design & Manufacturing can create a custom monopoly style board game for your fundraiser basically FREE* that generates REAL CASH for your next fundraiser?

Your OWN custom monopoly board game will involve your community and raise the funds necessary to support your goals. Are you looking for a way to main stream you fundraising efforts? Let the team at Board Game Manufacturing show you how to raise the funds you need for your group! We make it easy for you!

How it Works:
Your fundraising group offers the “properties for advertising” to the local businesses in the area at a pre-determined amount. The advertising revenue that is generated from this completely covers the total cost of producing the games. You then sell the games for $20.-$30. each and generate a huge amount of fundraising dollars! The more valuable properties on the board are usually bought by the bigger companies at a higher premium. Businesses love the permanent advertising at such a low cost and are equally happy for the recognition of supporting your groups’ efforts! It only takes a few people to offer the advertising. You then secure the manufacturing with us and at which time we will send you our FREE Do It Yourself CUSTOM MONOPOLY DESIGN KIT which consists of all the necessary templates to place the artwork in the various areas of the game using programs such as CorelDraw!, PhotoShop, and Illustrator. Or we can do the design work for an additional cost.

I would suggest offering a broader area of your town or city, this way there is a larger target audience. Simply, you are selling these games at $25. each ($12,500.) total profit! That’s a serious 100% profit with a 100% no risk guarantee. If you don’t sell enough properties to produce the game, then you don’t produce it. At the 500 game quantity, offering only 28 of the deed cards at $285. each, pays for your entire production delivered to your door, not to mention the premium “advertising spots!” And the middle of the board that will sell for even larger dollar amounts or even the 2 card decks! And remember, these merchants are receiving permanent advertising that will be seen by thousands for years and years! Everyone wants to own a little piece of their town or be a part of a fundraiser idea, so be ready to sell out very quickly!

Please contact us to learn how your group can easily make CASH now! (*based on paying advertisers)

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